Today is April 20th. Which equals to 4/20, numerically and horticulturally speaking. Many don’t really know this, but Hawaii was the first state to approve the medical marijuana bill. We’re not going to sit here and glorify the pros of legalizing this fine herb that many politicians and our government have been barring for more than 30 plus years, simply because there are no real facts to base any arguments on the subject. We will however, like to introduce you to our 4/20 shirt, with a side order of Aloha served. Printed on a black tee, the front design features the letters “ASD” (Aloha Served Daily) with muted tones of funny leaves in clear gel spread out through the lettering. The left sleeve features a red, gold and green kahili, while the back sees the crown (also in the same colors), again with clear gel inside of the crown. Stay lifted, spread Aloha, it’s the FITTED way! (For our 9th island residents [Las Vegas], these are now available in limited numbers at Laced)
[audio:Blame It On The Weed.mp3]