Releasing tomorrow, July 21st.
Aloha Airlines originally initiated operations on July 26th, 1946 - Aloha Friday. Back then they were known simply as Trans-Pacific Airlines and were Hawaiian Airlines' direct competition, operating a fleet of twin-prop DC-3 planes. World War II style. Their first flight was from Honolulu to Maui and Hilo. Ask your great-grandparents about the aura of these flights and they'll tell you of the stewardesses performing Hula, the picturesque views from the plane and the overall friendly attitude. Eventually TPA earned the nickname "The Aloha Airlines." According to some reports, it was "Commonplace to fly along the island chain and see almost up close the beautiful waterfalls and lush mountaintops of Maui, Kauai and the Big Island. These were dreams of a "Kama'aina airlines" that CEO and founder Ruddy Tongg envisioned before launching the company. A few years later is when they adapted the official name of Aloha Airlines; in 1961 they dropped their last twin-prop plane, switching an entire fleet of turbine jetliners. Up until 2005, they were picked up by a new company, Yucaipa Cos LLC. after bailing them out of bankruptcy (for a total of $100 million).

Although Aloha Airlines has flown a combination of over five and a half million passengers a year, they received the lowest amount of customer complaints, which just goes to show the extensive Aloha spirit and customer service that was served onboard. Senator Daniel K. Inouye was also known as an early supporter of TPA (Trans Pacific Airlines) way back in 1947, before working as a volunteer for the airlines. Unfortunately in March of 2008, Aloha Airlines shut down service after more than 60 years. The news hit many customers deeply, however it affected the many employees who put in many years of service while traveling inter island. We wanted to pay tribute to one of the greatest airline services in Hawaii, an airlines that our great grandparents once traveled aboard - and the employees who greeted them with the most perfect customer service and Aloha. "Them belly full but we hungry."
Black tee featuring a graphic of the famed airlines, with Served Daily in black reflective. Back crown features a red and orange stroke with a yellow fill. Along with it is an all black Kamehameha with a white Kam logo, New Era hit and crest. Limited to 50 pieces. Come down & cop before they're gone!