Sparked by a mutual love of design and discourse the idea of working together was an easy thought. What came after was a planted seed growing into the reality and embodiment of this project. Jaime mentioned the concept of mending a mindset, achieving a resolve through simple conversation. Through the understanding of our own individual kuleana how can we contribute value and insight for a broader conversation. This included many subjects from Governance to Innovation, Ike to Kuleana, Lahui to wai wai along with personal responsibilities as Kanaka.  Resolving such issues requires accepting the current state of affairs and opening the space for mending. We felt pewa in such its glory represent this idea perfectly.
Please join us as we discuss the thought process of our recent collaboration. Mahalo Mahalo mahalo!
Once flawed and weakened, now beautiful and strong. Once cracked and broken, now whole and restored. Used to mend bowls, paddles, canoes, gourds, and more, pewa and other types of patches hoʻoikaika (increase structural integrity) and elevate aesthetic appeal. Rather than casting important items aside, we repair them, continue to use and love them, then pass them on to the next generation. Another hoʻoilina of our kūpuna is hoʻoikaika on the mental and spiritual planes. Thus, kanaka potentials are fully realized when spiritual strength and intellectual prowess meet grit and sweat equity. Think of Kamehameha I. Implementing mass scale agricultural projects throughout Nuʻuanu after his last battle there. Restoring the health and well being of the makaʻāinana was achieved through food production and sound governance.Building and repairing certain pilina (relationships) likely played a role in helping people to work together for the collective good. Like our ancestors who lived in those times, we overcome crises by working together and actively sharing knowledge and resources. We fortify our perspectives and innovate our approaches. We mend physically and strive mentally to keep moving forward. E hoʻoikaika mau!