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This FITTED Friday's release we recognize two legendary figures in the world of baseball to have graced the Hawaiian Islands with their remarkable talents. From humble beginnings to iconic stature, this release we acknowledge the two power-lefty outfielders having once played for the Hawaii Islanders. The two are none other than Tony Gwynn and Barry Bonds.

These two brought their talents, distinct styles, and determination as they played for the Hawaii Islanders at Aloha Stadium. Gwynn and Bonds' time in the islands wasn't just completely paradise in that they needed something to prove to make it to the bigs. With toughness, grit, and skill they were able to achieve a dream and end a significant chapter in Hawaii to later start a new one with their major league baseball careers.

Tony Gwynn was an elite player with finesse and precision. With an exceptional ability to make contact and his excellent talent especially for situational hitting, Gwynn's presence added a touch of elegance to the Hawaii Islanders' lineup. In the season of 1982 Gwynn had a pretty impressive showing for the Islanders hitting .328 over 98 games. One night at Aloha Stadium in the ninth inning and trailing, Gwynn was a runner on base. A knock was hit in the gap and Gwynn ended up too aggressive trying to go home and ended up being the final out of the game which led to the Islanders losing. The next day manager Doug Rader calls Gwynn into his office. With Gwynn thinking that he was about to get scolded and yelled at, he later found out it was his last game as an Islander, but for the best reason. Gwynn was being called to the bigs to play for the San Diego Padres where he had definitely put on a show. Gwynn went on with his 20-year career showcasing his skillful batting and remarkable consistency with a batting average of .338. His commitment to perfection was evident in his multiple batting titles, silver slugger awards, and even gold gloves. Gwynn's influence extended beyond the batter's box, as his sportsmanship and approachable demeanor made him a fan favorite both on and off the field. He would then be inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2007 with Cal Ripken Jr.

As for Barry Bonds, known for his power and unparalleled ability to hit the ball, a significant impact was made during his short time with the 1986 Hawaii Islanders. Despite Bonds only being with the Islanders for such a short time due to being called up to the major leagues with the Pittsburgh Pirates, his contributions to the Islanders were marked not only by his talent, but also by his hustle and dedication to the game and his teammates. Bonds would go on to do and accomplish incredible feats throughout his career and solidified his reputation as a force to be reckoned with. In 1993 had signed with the San Francisco Giants where he continued to flourish consecutively winning silver slugger and gold glove awards along with winning MVP from 2001-2004. Bonds during this period was known for his towering home runs which made him a dominant presence in every game he played. Not to mention the amount of times pitchers feared to even pitch to him to the point of intentionally walking him with bases loaded. Over the course of his 22-year professional career, Bonds amassed an astounding 762 home runs, surpassing Hank Aaron's long-standing record to become the all-time home run leader which the record is still held at to this day, with an asterisk. However despite all of that you can't argue that he made baseball electric and absolutely fun to watch.

Together, Gwynn and Bonds captivated fans with their extraordinary performances and shaping the game of baseball, and luckily for Hawaii, we got to see the beginning of that greatness. Gwynn and Bonds' time with the Hawaii Islanders serves as a reminder that there's more to just having talent to become a legend and great player.

Both San Diego Padres and San Francisco Giants cap colorways are also an homage to Hawaii Islanders with the base and visor in walnut and undervisor in kelly green. Front and NE flag stitching are in white and metallic gold symbolizing greatness. The side patches are in each of their respective World Series appearances with a more recognizable, iconic, and retro Hawaii Islanders colorway.