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Releasing exclusively in-store and online this Friday, September 8 at 11am HST. This FITTED Friday's release we recognize two legendary figures in the world of baseball to have graced the Hawaiian Islands with their remarkable talents. From humble beginnings to iconic stature, this release we acknowledge the two power-lefty outfielders having once played for the Hawaii Islanders. The two are none other than Tony Gwynn and Barry Bonds. These two brought their talents, distinct styles, and determination as they played for the Hawaii Islanders at Aloha Stadium. Gwynn and Bonds' time in the islands wasn't just completely paradise in that they needed something to prove to make it to the bigs. With toughness, grit, and skill they were able to...

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Releasing Tuesday, Oct. 27th. There are a few things that tie together our island of Hawai'i with our mainland counterparts in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Besides the close ties many of us may have, including family and friends, it really extends past all that. Besides the different climates, seasons, surf and beaches, we do share the same similarities. Food, culture, ethnic backgrounds that make up our cities - they're a shared common bond. The graphic on this tee is derived from Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures album with Pacific Vibrations printed on the bottom and an Los Angeles, San Francisco and Hawaii hits. Along with this pack are a custom San Francisco (all red) with a white brim and navy...

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Releasing tomorrow, October 6th.Tomorrow's release focuses on the grittier side of our island; the concrete jungle. Although we may not have a flourishing metropolitan area comparable to Boston, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago or New York, we do have an inner city. It gives our island a grittier, sordid contrast next to the palm trees, stunning beaches and the country. From the grungy backstreets and alleys of Chinatown to the hodgepodge of tourists, business execs and locals trekking through Waikiki and downtown Honolulu, it's what makes this island so distinctive.Pack details: Gray t-shirt featuring Honolulu in dark green camouflage block letters with the Fitted crest in orange. The back sees our crown in some nice contrasting colors. The two hats that...

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