Releasing tomorrow, Nov. 15th

Aloha kakou!
For tomorrow's release, we've teamed up with another local brand, HRDLCK to present a shirt with a sense of humor. We all tend to take life too seriously at times, and while by no means should we always keep our guard down, life is too short to be stressing constantly. HRDLCK's motto is: "HRDLCK is all about Blood, Surf & Beers. Work hard & enjoy life, no matter what." We couldn't agree more. The t-shirt features a back printed graphic of signs you may see on a regular basis, and some that are so outrageous, it borders on hilarious. Despite it all, they should all be heeded. For example, there are certain well known beach breaks across the island that have signs displayed adamantly warning you to watch out for treacherous waves, slippery rocks or box jellyfish. A lot of us take these signs for granted. And when yo do fail to recognize them, and you get taken out by a random wave washing over the rocks; well, that's hardluck! If you step on wana while walking across bare reef, aye, that's hardluck! The front of the tee features a FITTED x HRDLCK graphic in white. We're also releasing a camouflage UH snapback with gold UH logo. Come through and cop. If you miss out on this one, tough shit hardluck!