Vision. Visual perception. Eye sight. It just might be one of the most important out of our 5 (traditional) senses that we take for granted on a day to day basis. Vision helps us to interpret objects in our immediate surroundings. One could say it’s akin to photography, in the sense that we take mental snapshots of our existing environment and assimilate and process that into visual information. Call it the Tao of human senses; with a slight twist of Yin and Yang.

This leads us into our newest package: “Gotta Have Vision” The pack consists of a pocket-tee which features an optical illusion-esque design on the back, with FITTED printed in tonal tri-lock patterned boxes; some of the images are backwards. The front pocket sees a twist on our tri-lock pattern with the crest resting dead center; with everything on tee printed in kelly green.