Releasing at FITTED and Kealopiko establishments, both in-store and online, this Saturday, October 9 at 11am HST. Please abide by the new safety guidelines while shopping in-store. Aloha kākou! At a time of transition, this space feels unfamiliar, far removed from the ideas and mindset of HO‘OIKAIKA even. But, In contrast, this is the exact time and the exact moment where inspirational ideas work their magic. Never let the dogma of conceived constructs weigh too heavy. We lean on the pillars at which "HAWAIIAN MADE PROJECTS" exists. Our previously presented capsules touched upon critical discourse such as Governance, Innovation, Ike, Kuleana, and wai wai. We felt it essential to add to this fortification by highlighting Leadership, connection, Identity, and mental fortitude to the conversation. haʻalelea ke ao hulihia ka pō huihui kūpuna honohono ka pewa hoʻokahi ka lāhui leave comfort behind embrace monumental change turn to your ancestors mend the divide stand as one Within these lines, we can find a clear path that embraces the mindset of Hooikaika, pewa, and closing the gap construct. Aloha Always; All ways!! Releasing tomorrow, the next chapter in our collaboration with Kealopiko focuses on headwear and printed tees. Each bucket and 5-panel camper carry unique names as related to their colors—Leadership bucket (black/dark green/khaki), Waiwai bucket (navy/blue), Connection 5-panel camper (light green/seaweed/lime), and Identity 5-panel camper (yellow/gold/brown). Then we have our 4 for You design printed on a black long-sleeve tee, black tee, pink tee, white tee, and a black tank top. FRONT BACK BOTTOM FRONT BACK BOTTOM FRONT BACK LEFT RIGHT FRONT BACK LEFT RIGHT FRONT BACK FRONT BACK FRONT BACK FRONT BACK FRONT BACK