Releasing in-store and online this Saturday, November 21st at 11am HST.
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Aloha kākou!
This Saturday we continue with our Holiday 2015 Waiwai Collection, which embraces a time in Hawaiʻi’s history where waiwai (wealth) was based more on life, health, and thriving culture. The word “waiwai” is a duplication of the word “wai” which is the Hawaiian word for water. In the minds of our Hawaiian ancestors, when you had abundance of fresh water via a river or a spring, it meant you were very wealthy because you had access to a source of life. Because of this we honor Kākuhihewa, the 15th aliʻi ʻaimoku (ruling chief) of Oʻahu, who was revered throughout the islands and brought a time of peace, prosperity, and waiwai to the Hawaiian people.
The traditional makahiki season was also a peaceful time filled with sports and cheerful celebration in honor of Lono, the god associated with fertility, agriculture, rainfall, and peace. This helped influence the sports theme for the collection, with the aesthetic look inspired by vintage baseball and football uniforms through the use of classic colors and premium materials.
Mua Strapback
This clean strapback features premium materials to help accentuate the vintage sports feel, utilizing dark green melton wool on the crown and rich leather on the visor and strap enclosure. It also features yellow embroidery all around, along with a black crest tag in the back to complete the look.