Ever since President-elect Barack Obama disclosed to the public and the Nation that he would be running for President nearly 2 years ago at the exact location where Abraham Lincoln gave his epoch-making “House Divided” speech, many Americans, young and old – have been holding high expectations for hope for a better tomorrow and a more patriotic America. Over the course of his one year campaign, the Hawaii born & raised Obama has emphasized his top three priorities; should he ever take the seat that the incompetent George W. Bush currently holds as Commander In Chief – those priorities being to provide universal health care, ending the illegal Iraqi War and steadily increasing energy independence.

For millions of young Americans, the dream that one day our country would see change from the same, over-used political tactics that we’ve been living through, day-in and day-out, seemed to be closer to reality and more within our reach. So many, if not all of us – grasped that possible physical existence and kept it close to our hearts. For the unforgotten children living in the slums of a 3rd World country, to gays, Asians, Hispanics, African-Americans and any other minorities – Barack Obama clutching the coveted seat in the White House is now a palpable reality that we can do whatever we want, become whatever we want and not let anything stand in our way. The litany of lies must now cease, the narcissistic attributes that our current President carries will now perish along with the fading memories of the cynical disregard for patriotism. To the 300,000-plus new, young registered voters – THANK YOU! We all made a difference, and although it may be inevitable that racism may never truly die, at least now we have hope that our country, along with the rest of the world will cease to see any more dividing of races. Purely an unequivocal success for us all. Congratulations to our 44th President, Barack Obama and R.I.P. to Madelyn “Toot” Dunham.