Releasing Saturday, June 19th
Aloha kakou.
We've got a pretty big and significant release lined up for this Saturday, including an 3 cap and logo tee combo linen pack, a white v-neck and tanktop, all of them ready to set off your summer in the right direction. First, let's start off with the linen pack (Morning Day Night) which includes 3 caps: a salmon-red Pride representing the brightest star in our Universe, the beautiful, life-sustaining Sun which we soak up on the daily; a greenish-blue Aloha (New Era) representing the vast green / blue Pacific Ocean which covers 68,634,000 square miles (also represents the blue skies above); and a grayish-purple Kamehameha, a representation of the nightlife that stirs when the Sun goes down and our planet's sister satellite (the Moon) shows itself. A hat for the 3 major times that cover our lives within a 24 hour period. To go along with the three caps, we have a white logo tee which employs all three colors used in the three caps to balance out the cipher.

Next, we have you covered for the beach, whether your're BBQing, hanging out or surfing, a Hana Hou tanktop with a new design of our crown found on the back. Lastly, we have a new Isolation v-neck: all white with salmon-red triangles scattered across the front and back. Enjoy and have a safe weekend. Aloha!