Releasing Saturday (May 2nd). For the past 4 years now, we’ve been using cultural & societal references from both past and present in which we use to instill and implement into the majority of our merchandise / product. We’re all proud of our who we are, where we come from and what we represent; Hawaii being the main focal point. We sometimes normally delve deep into the history books to find the right components to use as our foundation for these goods, as with this pack. For those who don't know, Kihei is not just a city in Maui, but also a shawl or cape which mainly royalty (ie. Ali'is) had the privilege to wear over their shoulders, either made of tapa cloth or handpicked feathers off certain birds. The second piece that's featured in this pack has ties back to the Statehood of Hawai'i, which many of you may or may not now was fully illegal. We also have an interesting post which features a 7 part video that speaks on these matters. You can check that out right here. Basically, the statement behind this shirt is us holding things down for Hawaii as much as we can and trying to help carry on these traditions, practices and beliefs into these present-day times .

This leads us to yet another superb release which shares both a cap and t-shirt. To set things in motion, we’ll begin with the cap which is fabricated from the same type of wool you’d normally find on a peacoat in black, with a fresh, new take on a new graphic featuring an Ali'i in purple and gold raised embroidery. The inside sees a blacked out (tonal) satin lining of the tri-locks pattern, and a yellow / black crest sitting on the back. Moving on to the shirt: all black tee which features “50” on the front left pocket while the pack sees 50 stars (purple) which represent the rest of the States, the last star is run in gold which represents Hawaii (the 50th state). Enjoy!