February 14th marks the day of baked cupcakes. Sweet cupcakes, if you catch our drift. A 24 hour period when Cupid puts your better half in a romantical* chokehold; a time when you may find yourself digging deep into your pockets or bank account to buy your significant other confectionery (assorted chocolates / candy), flowers or a simple greeting card. It’s a day of mushy, sappy, pulpy feelings of cavernous emotion; unless you just happen to be unaccompanied by a main squeeze, then it’s usually just another day consisting of possibly finding someone to cupcake it up with (No Stalkers!).

To salute this occasion of sappy intimacy, we put together a pack which includes not only a tee for the dudes, but TWO women’s tees. The entire pack goes hand in hand (no pun intended), which I’ll explain as we go along. Although many of you may be a little too young to remember this period of Hip-Hop, in the early 90s (1992) emcee Positive K put out an anthem of sorts which catered to not just the ladies, but the dudes as well. “I Got A Man.” Not too sure if that rings a bell. To play off the words from the chorus, the women’s tee features the quote “I Got A Man” in white and red, including a red crown hit on the back. This specific tee is for the “already taken” ladies, hence the “I got a man,” whereas it continues on to the single men’s tee: printed on all black it sees the rest of that previous quote “What Your Man Got To Do With Me.” Blunt & straight to the point, effortless swag.
Next up is another women’s tee, more specifically for those of y’all who are all ready to snuggle up with your man. Fittingly titled “Lover’s Rock” as in the name of the same album and song from one woman who was probably responsible for a many births, the one & only Sade. Or it could be referred to the sub-genre of reggae, ‘lover’s rock’. Whichever you heart desires. Printed on a white tee, the graphic which is on the back, depicts a couple isolated on a waterfront while the sun sets in the distant horizon and swaying palm trees. The front sees a red heart near your heart with the crest planted firmly inside. The icing on that cupcake is a Valentine’s Day “Aloha” custom snapback properly dubbed LOVE AFFAIR (PILI HO’OIPOIPO). Red on the whole top paneling with a white Aloha embroidered across the front with a white stroke. A red leather bill with a red satin underbill and red satin lining superbly sets this hat, along with the rest of this pack together. Now no more ooohing & aweing, dig into your pockets & get ready to head down to the shop to purchase this pack for your lover.
Sat the 14th @ 11am..