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Aloha kākou!
'Ahi is a term usually used worldwide which refers to two species of tuna: the prized yellowfin and bigeye, with the average weight reaching around the 200 lb. range, with some reportedly weighing in at nearly 400 lbs. In Hawaiʻi, ʻahi can be fished year round due to the species being fished sustainably, or in other words, not being over fished. Just like most species of fish, ʻahi travel in schools, sometimes traveling with smaller yellowfin and skipjack tuna. One theory put forth on why fish travel in schools is a greater sense of protection when moving in larger numbers, making it easier to track the movement patterns of the others in the school, and thus making it harder for predators to single out an individual; appearing as one giant entity instead of one or two isolated fish. Traveling in schools also makes it easier for the fish to hunt and find food. Our release for today is called Nui ʻAhi which roughly translates to "a group," in this instance a school of ʻAhi. The tank is printed on turquoise heather with an all-over print of ʻahi in grey (hence: school of ʻahi) with a black crown hit on the back. The tank is made of 100% cotton, pre-shrunk and made in the U.S.A. Scoop one up and tuck it in for your Summer days.