Last year we put out a shirt honoring Duke Kahanamoku whom single-handedly popularized surfing in the modern world. Duke is not only deemed as the Godfather of surfing in Hawaii, but he’s an all around athlete. Duke broke the record for the 200 meter freestyle in the U.S. Olympics in 1912, going on to win a gold medal in the 100 meter freestyle the same year as well as a silver medal with his relay team. In 1920 he scooped up 2 gold medals, one for the 100 meter freestyle and another with the relay team again. Obviously the ocean was where he felt most comfortable at, and according to an acquaintance of Kahanamoku, was “never afraid of anything in the sea.”

When Duke was not surfing, he’d be in the water swimming, repairing fishing nets or even shaping surfboards. The ocean was literally his home, even instituting the term “beach boy.” Duke Kahanamoku also served as sheriff of Honolulu for 13 consecutive years, starting in 1932 & ending that distinguished career in 1961. There have also been many establishments that opened up, capitalizing off both Duke’s name & celebrity stature, including bars & restaurants that still stand to this day, albeit with a positive financial return for the legendary Kahanamoku. Imagine where we’d be today if there was no Duke to help popularize surfing and it’s deep rooted cultural ties to Hawaii. He was highly admired by not just the locals; always carrying an appealing ambience that rubbed off on such celebrated persons such as the late, great JFK as well the Queen of England.

To commemorate and celebrate the life of the revered Duke Kahanamoku, we’ve put together 2 shirts along with a tan, all tonal UH hat. The first of the 2 t-shirts features a photo of Duke on the front, while the back sees a proverb from the Ambassador Of Paradise. The second pays homage to his career as Sheriff of Honolulu, with a badge on the front and on the back, printed in brown.

Available Tomorrow @ 11am.

Aloha & Mahalo,