Releasing exclusively in-store and online this Tuesday, March 22nd at 11am HST.
Please note that because of the A-Frame’s unique fit, there will be two sizes to choose from: “Small–Medium” should fit sizes 6 7/8–7 1/2 while “Medium–Large” should fit sizes 7 1/4–7 3/4.
Photo: @b_ryan & @therodmeister
Aloha kākou!
For our Spring 2016 collection, rather than look elsewhere for inspiration, we chose to turn our attention to those closest to us—our FITTED ‘ohana. This season, we’re getting up close and personal with our “hui” (Hawaiian for club or company), as we allowed each of our team members to dream up two hats, each utilizing their choice of silhouette (59FIFTY fitted or 9FIFTY snapback), front logo, color-blocking, and materials—resulting in unique pieces that hold special value to the team members that created them. A few of our stockists on the Mainland will release their own store exclusives in the near future as well. Please note that all hats in this collection were produced in limited quantities.
Each piece has a special story behind it, and what better way to hear those stories than from the creators themselves? Every release will be authored by the team member responsible for that design, for an even more personal touch. This Spring season, we hope to share a little more about our hui with you.
Name: Jonel Carlo T. Jugueta
AKA: Jojo, Merjojo, @thejoneljugueta
Title/Position: Product Shot Photographer
Favorite place in Hawaii? Alan Davis, UH Photolab, and Home
One thing you can't live without? Family
What are you doing when you aren't working? Working in the darkroom at UH
Favorite FITTED hat? Sailing ʻĀina and anything that’s shallow
What inspires you? God, Family, Friends, Analog Photography, Analog Photographers, Man Ray, Dan Estabrook, Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, and Alfred Stieglitz
By Jonel Jugueta

This ‘Āina is dedicated to the 10 years my family and I lived on the island of Guam. My parents are from the Philippines—the Pearl of the Orient. When I was one, my parents and I moved to Guam because my father was offered a job as an engineer at a local construction company there. My father moved to Guam before we did; then my mom and I flew after and became residents there. In ’92 and ’94, my two younger brothers were born. I have so many childhood memories in Guam that I can’t let go of—those times were special to me.
I dedicate this hat to everyone who visited, lived, or was born in Guam. I also dedicate this to my friends and family that still live there and cherish the island of Guam.
This hat design was based on the Guam flag. I chose the ‘Āina design for this hat because it symbolizes the home I now have in Hawai‘i. The base color of the hat represents the light blue sky on the flag while the dark blue symbolizes the ocean. The red button is the red seal that surrounds the coat of arms, and the white lettering/visor stitching matches the color of the letters on the seal. The tan New Era logo and back crest on the hat represent the sandy beaches that we all love and enjoy. The green undervisor symbolizes the palm trees and the cliff on the flag called “Two Lovers Point.”
Accompanying the Hafa Adai ʻĀina A-Frame snapback, we will be releasing a brand new tee for this season dubbed the Extra Flavor tee, developed from the idea of “breaking bread” with your crew or hui. The front features the words “Aloha Served Daily” within our crest outline along with two coconut trees up top, as a nod to the famous Molokaʻi bread bags from Kanemitsu Bakery, down to their signature color palette. Below that, the words “Extra Flavor” and “All Over, Mo’ Betta” are displayed to continue the concept. A white crown is printed on the upper back of this heather grey tee.