Releasing in-store and online at FittedHawaii.com this Saturday, August 8th.
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Model: Christian Aloisio
Aloha kākou!
Our Spring/Summer 2015 Delivery continues this Saturday with more items from the Weight of a Picul Collection. In these two seasons, we focus our attention to two of Hawaiʻi’s commodities that have proven to be incredibly important in Hawaiʻi’s socioeconomic growth. ʻIliahi, or Hawaiian sandalwood, dynamically shifted our economy with the introduction of the trade industry. Koa ushered in a new demand for quality materials in modern times, solidifying its place among the world’s finest woods. The name “Weight of a Picul” stems from the Asian unit of measure that was used when trading the sandalwood in the early 1800’s, defined as “the amount a man could carry on his shoulder” and equalled 133 1/3 pounds.
For this collection, we created two separate Real Tree Camouflage patterns based on the rare and endangered ʻIliahi Tree and the fine grain Koa Tree, both of which are endemic to Hawaiʻi. In each pattern we strive to highlight the trees for their distinct beauty and importance in Hawaiʻi’s history.
Koa Tree Camo Big Game Hunters 59FIFTY
Featuring breathable black spacer mesh on the side and back panels while the front two panels are polyester sublimated with our Koa Tree Camo pattern. The visor and top button are made of black neoprene. A blue and white Big Game Hunters patch is stitched onto the front panels, while tonal crown and New Era logos are embroidered on the sides and a black/white crest is seen on the back.
Le Fitted Tee – White
Released earlier this season, this design is inspired by Art Nouveau painter Alphonse Mucha. The Art Nouveau movement focused on design reform to bring higher quality and improved standards to design and other goods, and we took their emphasis on quality and translated that to the historical value of the koa and ‘iliahi commodities to Hawai‘i.
Koa Tree Camo Aloha Served Daily Hoodie – Black
An all black hoodie featuring a small white ASD logo on the front left chest and a large version on the back filled with our Koa Tree Camo pattern.