Releasing tomorrow, June 22
Aloha kakou!
We salute local companies / businesses with tomorrow's release once again. It's the perfect and ideal way to re-stimulate our repressed, troubled economy; by cultivating and working off our aina, manufacturing and producing locally, distributing locally and living off the aina, in turn the money we spend goes right back into the same businesses. This saves us from the trouble of spending more money on importing which always leads us to even more spending (importation taxes, cost of oil, among other taxes, etcetera.)
The details of the release: an all black t-shirt with a graphic that reads Support Local, where each letter is composed of one letter from 12 different, well-known local businesses. Backside features a tonal crown. FYI: Those whom follow us on our Facebook Fan Page and participate in our Facebook Challenges, we have yet another contest which is premiering here on the blog first. The contest rules as follows:
Take a close look at the second photo, and attempt to correctly name which company each letter in the design is from. The first person to email us the correct names of each of the 12 local companies used in this design will win a FITTED shirt of your choice (from the shop, depending on size availability). Good luck!