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Releasing Saturday, July 28th.Long before the first visitors arrived in Hawaiʻi, the original people of the ʻaina had a rich history in traditional Hawaiian folk music, comprised mostly of mele (chanting) along with ceremonial dancing (hula). In the ancient days, these types of performing arts were mainly used for religious events, entertainment and even honoring the ruling chiefs. Certain (oli) or chants sometimes contained kaona (or hidden meanings) and many of the performers of these oli used vocal inflections, sometimes to reflect a certain mood (akin to slam poetry) which arouses different emotions as well. When the first missionaries arrived in the islands, they brought with them their European music influences, including new instruments such as the guitar. Portuguese immigrants...

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Releasing tomorrow, June 22Aloha kakou!We salute local companies / businesses with tomorrow's release once again. It's the perfect and ideal way to re-stimulate our repressed, troubled economy; by cultivating and working off our aina, manufacturing and producing locally, distributing locally and living off the aina, in turn the money we spend goes right back into the same businesses. This saves us from the trouble of spending more money on importing which always leads us to even more spending (importation taxes, cost of oil, among other taxes, etcetera.)The details of the release: an all black t-shirt with a graphic that reads Support Local, where each letter is composed of one letter from 12 different, well-known local businesses. Backside features a tonal...

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