Releasing Tuesday, March 9th.
This Support Local Skateboarding pack features 35 limited edition skateboard decks sold exclusively at APB, 100 custom trucker caps sold at both FITTED and APB, and 40 custom tees sold exclusively at FITTED.
Please support FITTED family member Kenneth Brimer and his fight against leukemia. Kenny is currently in the process of receiving a bone marrow transplant and all proceeds from this pack will help with his rapidly growing medical expenses. 
We had the chance to ask Kenny a few questions about his situation and what his plans are for the future. Enjoy. Aloha.
Words and interview by: Rene Matthyssen
1. So brother Kenny, you and I go way back, but for those who don't know, please let everyone know how you first got involved in skateboarding.
I moved to Hawai'i in 1987 from Louisiana and I noticed that everyone either surfed or skated. Being that I can't swim that good, I started skating.
2. You are one of the original members of the infamous A'ala Park Bastards. What does it mean to you to be part of such a tight knit group of friends?
It means everything to me. I was lucky to have met the crew a long time ago, so that made it possible for me to become friends with everyone on a personal level.
3. Alright, let's get down to business. How did you find out you had Leukemia?
I had a little skateboarding accident that resulted in a fractured skull. I had blood tests done at the ER, and from those tests is how the doctors found out I had leukemia (CLL).
4. When you first called me on November 11th 2009 to tell me that they had found a match for your bone marrow transfer, I was stunned. I told myself 'Kenny has gotta be the luckiest damn Irish man on the planet.' And then you said there were over 300 potential matches, good things happen to good people. Tell us how you felt when you got the good news.
When they called me it was about 3 weeks into the search. People search for years for a match, and I was aware of this, so I had already come to terms with the possibility that it might take a long time.  When I answered the phone and the bone marrow transplant coordinator said 'You're a very lucky man,' all the doubts I had were gone. It was the first time I thought everything was going to be alright. 
5. You are currently in California getting ready for your transplant. What is the process and when can we expect to see you rolling around on your skateboard again?
I'll be in Cali until May or June as far as when I can skate or even go back to a normal life. That all depends on how my body takes the transplant. I could be fine in May or it could take 2 years for things to be back to normal. I'm shooting for May.
6. Personally, I have gained a few things from your experience. The first is a new found admiration for your amazingly positive spirit that has kept us all going and the second is to savor every moment that life has to offer. What is one thing you have personally gained from your experience?
When I was first diagnosed, the first person that I talked to was my friend Yong Ki and he said 'Remember that the leukemia is in your body and not in your mind, stay positive and you'll be alright.' What I'm saying is the power of positive thinking is amazing and I didn't realize that until this happened to me. Through faith, anything is possible.
7. Alright Mr. Kenneth Brimer. I'm gonna end on that note, as for you, please feel free to give thanks to any and all.
I just want to thank everybody who put their lives on hold even for just one second to help me and my cause. I have a new found love for the human race because of you. A special thanks to all my family and friends, I love you all!
Kenneth is also a budding videographer; peep out the short he put together showcasing the board and shirt.
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