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After a grueling tally session, we have a winner for our FITTED Facebook Referral Contest. Vincent Lam, with 341 referrals. Please email info[at]fittedhawaii[dot]com with your hat size and we'll have it sent to the shop for you to pick up. Kamana Akagi is our runner up with 187 referrals, please email us at the same ad...dress with your shirt size. Congrats to the both of you and everyone who participated!

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After looking through the photos you've submitted, we've finally chosen a winner. It was a tough decision, which is why we also chose a runner up and an honorable mention. The winner for our FITTED Facebook Photo Challenge goes to Kaiser Nonales, pictured above. Kaiser, please come down to the shop when you can to claim your gift card. Please bring with you a photo id as well, and congratulations brother!The runner up comes via Jon Tanouye (pictured below). Jon, you will receive free shipping toward your next FITTED purchase, whether it's online or via phone order. Congratulations sir!And our honorable mention comes via Rza Marie Rivera Mateo.Congrats to all the winners and mahalo for everyone who participated!

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