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Releasing in-store and online at FittedHawaii.com this Tuesday, July 14th (The military green Fitted Hawaii Fishing Tournament tee will be released in-store only).Models: Sal & Christian AloisioAloha kākou!Our Spring/Summer 2015 Delivery continues this Tuesday with more items from the Weight of a Picul Collection. In these two seasons, we focus our attention to two of Hawaiʻi’s commodities that have proven to be incredibly important in Hawaiʻi’s socioeconomic growth. ʻIliahi, or Hawaiian sandalwood, dynamically shifted our economy with the introduction of the trade industry. Koa ushered in a new demand for quality materials in modern times, solidifying its place among the world’s finest woods. The name “Weight of a Picul” stems from the Asian unit of measure that was used when...

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