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Releasing this Saturday, Jan. 2nd.You may have wondered who the two men standing on either side of the seal, sealed in the Hawai'i Coat of Arms, and let us tell you, there is a very interesting story regarding these two mysterious individuals. The two men, whom are actually brothers, were the sworn-to-secrecy guardians, or kahu tasked with covertly burying the iwi or bones of Kamehameha The Great. The brothers' names were Hoapili (which means "attached to the bosom," one of Kamehameha's closest companions) and Ho'olulu. The story of the burial of Kamehameha's iwi starts on a pitch-black night, Ho'olulu surreptitiously extracted and removed Kamehameha's casket from atop the Ahu'ena heiau, made the trek down to an undisclosed beach where he...

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