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Releasing Saturday, Sept. 19th.Public Enemy once stated It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back, a politically-charged, anti-government declaration, as well as the title of their 1988 magnum opus. Although the album's political views were based on activism and social change, revolving directly around the ideals of Louis Farrakhan, this candid statement still applies in present times. To put it in a local metaphor, Hawaii could be considered a nation, a sovereign nation if you will, depending on who you're speaking to. The wrong doing of "our government" has led to tense and edgy feelings; a sense of resentment left us with strong-willed activists, willing to fight for our rights. As an individual, each one of us who...

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Releasing Saturday, June 20th.Presently, the World is going through all sorts of global issues that seems to affect even the most average of citizens, including energy security, a global financial crisis that doesn't seem to have an end in sight anytime soon, internal political frustrations and a potential war brewing between the United Nations and North Korea. We're definitely not here to fear monger unlike, say FOX News, but the truth needs to revealed instead of hidden from us which has been happening for God knows how long already. Issues such as the on going financial crisis strikes a deep chord in all of us, whether you're in the retail business or not. During these times, the word "competition" is...

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