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Releasing tomorrow, June 15thAnother one for the ladies, reflecting the same design found on our men's version of our Standing 8 tee. Adding this to your wardrobe will complete your cipher. In the words of Drizzy Drake, "Nail done, hair done, everything did." Hit the jump for more photos.

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Releasing tomorrow, June 15thAloha kakou!Tomorrow's release revolves around the incredible colors assimilated within our immediate environment and found in Hawai'i's natural backdrop. From the glassy water that surrounds the cluster of the Hawaiian islands, the different hues of water, the crispy, golden Sun and lush green foliage, jungles, and forests. These colors are reflected in these two shirts releasing tomorrow: first up is our Glassy tee which represents the perfect day at the beach: perfect sets, beautiful blue sky with not a cloud in sight. The next tee is our Standing 8, which represents all eight islands that make up the immediate Hawaiian archipelago, as well as the colors that represent each island. Super limited amounts, so please head down...

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