Releasing Saturday, June 9th. Please note, the tank tops will be an online exclusive only!

Photos by: Pai'ea Projects
Aloha kakou!
New release for this Saturday. First up: our Thief's Theme pack, comprised of a white tank top and black tee. The graphic consists of the words Hawaii's Not For Sale in block letters, with a Bird of Paradise fill. Both tank and tee have crowns on the back per normal. Since our company's humble beginnings, we have remained firm in our stance on the exploitation of Hawaiʻi's culture and resources. It pains us to even think about the fact that one can just head down to their local hardware store, "buy" Hawaiʻi in bulk, and reinterpret it without a lick of knowledge. Sorry, Hawaiʻi Is NOT For Sale! Next up, is our Brigante New Era snapback. A brand new tape, this snap features all black cotton twill with our Aloha Served Daily circle logo stitched on the front in green, red, white and blue. Brigante alludes to Carlito's plans to escape to paradise in the Bahamas and retire to a better life. Mahalo to Contrast Magazine.