Available at 11 AM today.

Aloha kakou!
We'll be releasing this pack today at 11 AM. The pack consists of an all-white Kamehameha (All hats are limited to 30 pieces!) that represents the Hawaiian hawk, or 'io [1. 1]. The 'io is the only hawk native to Hawai'i and can only be found on the Big Island [2. 2]. Although this specific species of hawk are considered endangered in the continental U.S. and protected under law, the IUCN has classified this species as Near Threatened [3. 3]. The 'io is also regarded as ʻaumakua, especially to Hawaiian royalty; more specifically the ali'i [4. 4].
Next up is our Aloha Served Daily tee that pays tribute to the legendary LOVE Park (JFK Plaza) located in Philadelphia, PA. It's notorious for not just the beautiful LOVE sculpture [5. 5], but for skateboard culture. In 2002, Philadelphia's obnoxious Mayor John Street enforced a ban for any type of skating at LOVE Park [6. 6]. Some big name skaters who made LOVE Park their own: Bam Margera, Josh Kalis, Kerry Getz and Stevie Williams [7. 7].