Releasing May 3rd

Aloha kakou!
Tomorrow's release is just in time for Children's Day on the 5th of May. こどもの日 is a Japanese national holiday which we also observe here in Hawai'i which takes place every fifth day of the fifth month. It's observed in respects to children and their innocence and happiness that is infectious. We've all heard the term the "Children are the future" and there's no mistaking that. The keiki represent the Stars that shine bright at night, and during the day. They represent a birth of something great that will shine brightly as they grow older, ie the Sun. The pack features six multi-colored Kamehameha's in keiki sizes (please call the shop for size info: 808-942-3100) along with a white tee which features a Koinobori (black carp) used to represent Children's Day printed on the front; backside features a black crown. Also releasing (pictured down bottom) is a Pride covered in white with a gray brim and Black Kamehameha logo.