Releasing Saturday, August 4th. Please note: Due to the printing process, shirts may have abnormal inconsistencies, we cannot guarantee that garment is 100% flawless.

Aloha kakou!
This Saturday we'll be releasing an all black Escape to Paradise snapback, along with a new black tank top called Niho which roughly translates to "tooth". The tank top features an all over print of white simplified shark's teeth / trilocks with white break lines. The tank top also features a purple stitched crest on the front chest and crown on the back. We shot this at Kaniakapupu in Nuʻuanu. During King Kamehameha's reign, this lush area served as his little sanctuary during the summer, and because it was the King's own piece of land, it was considered kapu to tread upon. Legend tells that there were once a heiau that stood on the grounds, and it was also this same place that "Pai‘ea himself rested his weary warriors during his conquest of O‘ahu."