Releasing Saturday, Feb. 25th.

Aloha kakou!
New release for this Saturday: Grey tank top and a lime green Cheehuu rip-stop nylon snapback ("Calamansi") with white Cheehuu stitching. The tank top is dubbed Eye of Horus and features a graphic of what is commonly seen on the back of a dollar bill: The All Seeing Eye. However, the history of the All Seeing Eye can actually be traced back to Egyptian antiquity, and even in Buddhism & Hinduism religion. In the Egyptian context, this all-seeing eye was known as the Eye of Horus, belonging to the Sky God Horus. Many underestimate the significance of the iris (or black dot) in the Eye of Horus, which has incredible metaphysical and universal ties to one of the most powerful glands in the human body, the pineal gland. The pineal gland (or the third eye as it's also known by) is a gland in the middle of the brain stem which is scientifically proven to produce serotonin which helps with the regulation of your mood, appetite and sleep patterns (your biological clock or circadian rhythm). The pineal gland also produces melatonin (closely related to serotonin) and melanin which produced skin pigmentation in all original people. So, as it sounds, is a very powerful symbol.