Releasing Tuesday, May 14th.
Aloha kākou!
The iʻiwi or Hawaiian honeycreeper bird of Hawaiʻi is considered to be of significant value within our rich culture and history. The feathers of the iʻiwi were championed by the aliʻi which were used to decorate ʻahuʻula and mahiole; where some of these cloaks for the elite class contained up to hundreds of thousands of the fiery red feathers of the iʻiwi. Unfortunately, due to their native forests being cleared for farming and unnecessary urban development, the iʻiwi species has declined significantly in numbers and is now listed as a threatened species, which portrays a similar parallel to the Kanaka Maoli due to the introduction of diseases from Western contact which slowly decimated the Native population. To remain aware and alert of this, we've brought back our FITTED Faithful tee in charcoal heather gray with the I'iwi bird in red outlined in white. The print appears on the front and the back with FITTED Hawai'i and complimented by two yellow FITTED crests.