Releasing Tuesday, April 19th

Hafa Adai!. This pack is for our Chamorro bredrens and sistrens out in the Pacific West! Despite the many miles that separate us from the rest of our Polynesian / Austronesian Universal family, we're still just that, a family. There may be slight variations in our native tongues, however we still share the same body (the Pacific Ocean), bloodline (Polynesian / Pacific Islanders) and cerebral cortex (our collective knowledge, wisdom and understanding, all passed down by our ancestors with a rich and unique history). We are the original people of the Pacific! With that said, we present to you our Hafa Adai pack. The term Hafa Adai means Hello in the Chamorro language, the native tongue of the original inhabitants of the island of Guahan or Guam. Depending on who you ask, it can also be used as a term for "what's up?" and it parallels our Aloha in more ways than one.
The tee, printed on black, features a graphic similar to our Aloha Served Daily t-shirt flipped with the words Hafa Adai Served Daily in blue, white and red and hints of yellow, green and brown. Coinciding with this release is an H Pride hat: black upper, white eyelets, gray brim and teal H.