Releasing tomorrow, May 5th. There are slight correlations between the musical genre "punk rock" and the overthrow of Hawai'i. For example, many punk rock bands have an unfettered, independent DIY attitude. Majority of them, whether old or new, are very anti-establishment and averse to big corporations. The ideologies of punk rock are similar in that many Hawaiian(s) [activists] are so fed up with the way our own government seems to be betraying our people, our virtuous ethics and cultural ideals that they may sometimes take a subtle "extremist" approach, such as hanging / waving the Hawaiian flag upside down. This represents not so much an anti-state sentiment as it does as a sign of distress, anguish, pain and suffering which have been put upon our people over the many decades of being a part of the United States (and statehood), which is why we stress the importance of these issues so much. From the way our modest last Queen (Liliuokalani) was treated to more current affairs including the way our that inept Governor Linda Lingle is trying to sell Hawaiian ceded lands. These are issues of importance that need to be addressed!

This leads up to our Huli tee featuring a blacked-out, upside down Hawaiian flag, with the exception of the "British" half of the flag which is red. This ties back to what we wrote above, but also pulls influence from the punk rock band Black Flag. Back hit is a crown in red.