By now many of you know where most of our inspiration for designing comes from. We’re perpetually surrounded by these guiding lights of motivation, influence, artistry, vision and originality – yet we’re so absorbed in it day-to-day that we unconsciously do not acknowledge it. With this release, the ingenuity reaches from within our zealousness of music. This release’s attributes are pulled from the funk music collective the Parliament Funk Band which was governed by the great George Clinton. For those uneducated in the genre of “funk music,” the Parliament (P-Funk) were also known as The Funkadelics which featured the same members, but recorded for different record labels. The Parliament-Funkadelics played a heavy role in the direction that funk music took, even setting the tone for other Parliament spinoff bands.

The t-shirt, printed on all black features a yellow logo written in a similar font akin to the Parliament’s logo seen on album covers. Crown on the back with yellow fill and an orange and teal.
[audio:Atomic Dog (ft. The Parliament Funk).mp3]