It’s pretty apparent at this point of King Kamehameha’s unmistakable impact & influence on Hawaii, so no sense beating a dead horse. And if you haven’t the faintest idea of who this man of great history is, and you’ve lived on these islands for more than 10 years, you should head to the Pali lookout & contemplate & reevaluate your whole life. Do yourself a favor & dig deep into our archives to brush up on your historical facts & knowledge.

This leads into a new t-shirt titled “Luna” which roughly translates to “overseer” (as in boss or leader). Printed on a Charcoal heather grey tee, it features a graphic of King Kamehameha which you may recognize from tourist and historical Hawaiian sites throughout the 8 islands. Draped in the colors of yellow-orange, purple and black with subtle tri-lock patterns throughout. The left sleeve features a yellow-orange kahili and the back features a crown with a purple stroke.