Releasing Saturday, June 29th.
Aloha kākou!
Besides the release of our Beet Root Mua snap dropping tomorrow, we'll also be releasing our Niuhi Camo tee which is a cut and sew piece. This is another part of the first wave of our Summer line, with more pieces to follow soon. Niuhi is a name used for any brutally ferocious, man-eating mano (or shark) and can be attributed to the great white or tiger shark (or any shark over 10 feet in length), although in most instances it was used for the great white which featured the triangular teeth popularly known in Hawaiian culture. Despite the predacious nature of these savage sharks, they were also known as ʻaumakua (or protective spirit) to many ancient Hawaiians, and on the other hand, were treated as a source of food and tool weaponry for others, with the shark's teeth being highly prized and used for ancient Hawaiian weapons. Other elder Hawaiian chiefs believed that eating the eyeballs of niuhi helped give them insight into the future while other chiefs took up the sport of catching niuhi, which as one can imagine, is inevitably a dangerous sport where special techniques were used.
We took this concept and used it in our newest cut and sew piece which features a white body with sublimated blue/green camouflage on the sleeves (the camo print is comprised of triangles/tri-locks, which is modeled off of the teeth of the niuhi), similar to the vast territorial waters in which the niuhi rules over, with a black milspec label on the front, bottom left.
back shot 2
back crown hit
sleeve detail
Model: @ria_christina
Hair & Makeup by: @baileenakaahiki