Releasing Aloha Friday, Oct. 7th

Text by Daniel Ikaika Ito, Photos by Pai'ea Projects
The O.G of Beer
Primo is the O.G. of the Hawaiian beer scene. Before green bottles were the preferred beers in Hawai‘i. Before BL’s and Silver Bullets made light brewskis cool. Before gangsta rap prompted the consumption of malt liquor. Primo dates back to 1897 and its name means “the best.”

Primo is the uniquely Hawaiian premium lager beer—crafted and instilled with the perfect lightness and taste for Hawai’i’s climate and lifestyle. It is rich and golden, with a unique flavor and aroma that comes from a touch of raw Hawaiian cane sugar.
Throughout the 60’s and 70’s the beer of choice for uncles, aunties, chicks and the boys was Primo. The brand went so far that it even had aloha shirts, shorts and hats. The beer came in short, brown bottles and even made it into the first verse of the quintessential Hawaiian song “Aloha Friday.”
"Here is where I sit, all cloudy and blitzed
with the Primo bottles lying everywhere
Got a guitar in my hand and a Wesson Oil can
Under my okole for a chair."

Most recently, watermen (Keone Watson, Shane Dorian, Micah Nickens, Matty Liu) and some investors have brought back the brown-bottled, Hawaiian beer. Primo is back in a big way: Have you had the pleasure of drinking a Primo Bombucha after a long day of work, paddling or surfing? It’s breathtaking!
Fitted is paying tribute to the iconic Hawaiian brewski with the release of a limited-edition, New Era snapback and party at Lulu’s. The Fitted x Primo hat is made out of neoprene– that’s wetsuit material for the kooks– and is the perfect hat for aspiring watermen or pool party ragers. It features the Primo logo in the front and can be worn in and out of the water.
To celebrate the release of the Fitted x Primo snapback the Aloha Served Daily boys are buying the beer at Lulu’s Waikiki on Friday night. Free Primo beer from 10 p.m. to Pau!
Included in this pack is a white Primo tee with the iconic Primo character rocking an Aloha Means Hello tee and FITTED black trilock slippahs, and a black tanktop with the local idiom, Chillaxin' printed in blue in a familiar font. Primo. Chance 'Em!. Shoots!
"It’s Aloha Friday, no work ’til Monday.
Doo be doo, doo doo be, doo be doo be doo be doo!"