Releasing tomorrow, May 9th. Aloha is one of those defining, contagious words we practice, preach & sermonize; whereas Hawai'i is the groundation for "Aloha" which we represent and embody on a daily basis. Our island conjures up a sense of dignity, honor, gratification and pride in oneself. It's the genesis of what makes our State so riveting. Whether you're a local living abroad in Vegas or in a N.Y. state of mind, it ain't hard to tell that we here at FITTED try to epitomize the Aloha spirit with our own informal twist. Our common goal would be to have everyone become an advocate of Aloha ʻāina somehow, spreading an infectious dosage of one love, whether you're tilting a cold brew while sitting at a halftime show during a UH game or just sittin' in da park. "Spread Aloha, it's the Hawaii way."
[audio:09 Represent.mp3]

This new t-shirt derives it's inspiration from NaS Escobar's Represent, featured on his most seminal work to date, Illmatic. The front graphic features an H for Hawaii, with the lyrics to Represent printed inside. The back sees a yellow crown.