Releasing Friday, Sept 4th.
The art of stickering. Yes, it's an actual artform (and culture) that takes lots of patience and street smarts. Not only can it be an completely independent thing, it's also considered one of the most modern, ideal forms of promotion. It's also a lot cheaper to print and peel than say a wheat and paste poster, and much quicker to get up. Many young street artists and companies trying to make a name for themselves will use this as a form of viral marketing. A manifestation of the new "street team," if you will, although many street-artists getting up are doing it dolo. Yet it's so easy to forget that what you're doing while you're standing on that trash can trying to reach the top of that Yield sign is absolutely "illegal." However, as with most liberal rebellious art forms, you have to take chances as an individual. Express yourself! Please read below for the fine details:

With Friday being the first game for the UH football season, we are proud to announce our newest hat design we've properly dubbed "Mua", which roughly translates to in advance, ahead, forward (move forward). Get it? Moving on; we wanted to pay homage to our UH team, looking to the acclaimed former UH coach Les Murakami for these recognizable colors. We took elements from the UH Rainbows' and fused it with the great warrior Kekuhaupio who was King Kamehameha's right-hand-man - all around, this new hat screams "Hawaii" without being too blatant. Featuring white paneling on the two front panels and green covering the back four, orange brim with green underside and orange button resting up top. The logo on the front features the colors of the rainbow (red, yellow, green and blue) with a silhouette of King Kamehameha integrated into the design (black). Finishing it off with an orange New Era logo and Fitted crest. The Stick Up Kids tee (heather gray) features a graphic of our Aloha Served Daily stickers printed on the front with many of the colors in the stickers tying back to the hat and blending of these same colors that fill the crow on the back. This pack is a must have, if we may say so ourselves. Don't sleep, cause sleep is... you know!