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Releasing tomorrow, Tuesday, April 6th.Quick info on tomorrow's release: all black tee featuring some our past classic graphics in the form of stickers (as seen on our sticker sheet we released awhile back). The graphics include Burn, Mr. Aloha, Hawaiian Is The New Black, Kill Them With Aloha plus our trilock stickers. Limited run in these, so please act quickly!

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Releasing Friday, Sept 4th.The art of stickering. Yes, it's an actual artform (and culture) that takes lots of patience and street smarts. Not only can it be an completely independent thing, it's also considered one of the most modern, ideal forms of promotion. It's also a lot cheaper to print and peel than say a wheat and paste poster, and much quicker to get up. Many young street artists and companies trying to make a name for themselves will use this as a form of viral marketing. A manifestation of the new "street team," if you will, although many street-artists getting up are doing it dolo. Yet it's so easy to forget that what you're doing while you're standing on...

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Releasing tomorrow, August 29th.Over 25 years of Skateboarding history is included in this collection of stickers. These stickers range from classic collectibles to island companies that supported the early skateboarding years here on the islands. Every one of these stickers were free, somehow acquired from a traveling pro at a demo, contest sticker toss, friends who were sponsored by various companies, raiding company warehouses, sponsorship packages, or stolen from skate shops. These are the real deal and the contemporary skate art will never compare. There aren't many brands whose graphics haven't been influenced or straight up bit completely from classic skateboard art. (Present company included) Take a close look and spot some of your favorites.Details of the product are as follows: On deck is a...

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