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Releasing Saturday, July 18th"Flamboyantly nondescript. A light hearted wine with a morose attitude. Subtle, yet annoying."From locals Paul Ogata, Andy Bumatai, Lanai & Augie T. and Frank Delima, Hawaii has fostered great comedy minds with a unique twist on their facetious humor. And then there was a one James Kawika Piimauna Reiplinger. 'Memba him? Many who were familiar with his "kanaka-komedy" routines knew him as Rap Reiplinger, and until this day, his comedy plays an integral role in Hawaii. Depending on how old you are, you may vaguely 'memba his VHS tapes playing in elementary / middle school, garans ballbarans! He had choke-kine characters too, from Merdie Murdock the used car salesman, Kimo the puka-shell tour guide and the reputable...

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