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Releasing in-store and online at FittedHawaii.com this Saturday, August 29th.Video: Luke Aguinaldo (@loksi) & Skillet (@envol_skillet)Photos: Paiʻea Projects (@paieaprojects)Music: Curtis Helm (@mistah83)Models: Ezekiel Lau (@haynsupahman), Race Skelton (@raceskelton), & Moani Hara (@moanihara) The Path to Nu‘uanuBy Daniel Ikaika itoThe Pai‘ea Projects + FITTED Nu‘uanu capsule retraces Kamehameha the Great’s footsteps as he conquered O‘ahu in the late-1700s. Kamehameha aka Pai‘ea and his invading forces landed at Wai‘alae on the south shore strapped: they showed up to “Town” with their muskets cocked, cannons loaded and ready to bang. They marched westward and engaged the chief of O‘ahu, Kalanikūpule, and his defending army at Pūowaiana, where we now call Punchbowl. The battle raged on and spilled into Pauoa and Papakolea where Pai‘ea’s army...

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