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Releasing Saturday, March 13th Snake: Besides this being the worst reptile to see on a plane, it's also one of the worst things to have surrounding you, street-talk wise. You know the street definition: backstabbers, double-crossers, snitches, Judas-complexion, turncoat, snakes-in-the-grass. Although youre FITTED ohana is strictly about the ALOHA, and the extension of that ALOHA, we do have to keep ourselves safe, cutting the grass to expose those snake eyes. We see y'all!This Saturday's release features both a new t-shirt and hoody; the shirt features the line "I'm being watched by snake eyes, surrounded by crash dummies and empty minds" from Prodigy's Genesis (you can listen above), topped off with a gray crown on the back. The hoody (purple) revisits...

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Aloha.Survival. In these economic hardships, it’s not just ours, but any business’ modus operandi. In a financial decline such as the current one we’re all stuck in, it’s seriously survival of the fittest. Small businesses need to be able to stay alive & flourish, in turn keeping the economy a bit more stable. The tables have turned slightly, it’s now where the small fish eat the big fish. As vicious as this may sound, it’s all too true. That’s why we at FITTED stress the Support & Buy Local strategy so much. We decided to revisit this vintage slogan & design from our early seasons. “Survival Of The FITTED.” It’s a bold statement, and one that we stand behind 100%....

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