Although skateboarding had it’s humble beginnings in the ‘70s, it became a little more fashionable and picked up it’s mass appeal in the ‘80s. This is when it started picking up as a sort of lifestyle, and more skaters were inclined to hit certain street spots versus the slopes of backyard pools, concrete skateparks and banks. Flat ground became more prevalent with certain key revitalizations & innovations such as urethane wheels, different board sizes & shapes as well as truck sizes. This generation of skaters had a more care free, do-it-yourself outlook on things, which made an easier progression in street and vert tricks. Skaters such as Steve Caballero, The Gonz, Mike Vallely, Natas Kaupas and Tony Hawk kept reinventing the game in both street and vert skating.

New companies were established which included such prestigious corporations (when corporations were not so cut-throat) such as Vans, Vision, Bones Brigade, Powell Peralta, Santa Cruz, Gull Wings & Independent. This made for advancements in skate decks and all the necessary accoutrements that were needed to keep you rolling. The ‘80s was unequivocally the golden era of skateboarding, before the tipping point of competitive corporations picked it up and began strategically exploiting this once individualistic lifestyle. Word to the X-Games.
This brief history laid the groundwork for our newest release in which we salute this classic period in the art of skating. We’ve put together an all white pocket tee: The front graphic pulls its inspiration from an old Sal Barbier H-Street deck which flipped an L.A. Kings logo; however we freaked this into our own. ‘K-Street’, as in ‘Kona Street’ with both the the FITTED logo & crown and FITTED crest printed on the pocket. SUPPORT LOCAL SKATEBOARDING!!