Releasing Tuesday, July 3rd
Aloha kakou!
Every culture and city has their must-have "necessities" in life. In LA, you have The Recipe: Women, Weed & Weather. In Hawai'i, two essentials that go together like salt and pepper: pakalolo & poke. What better way to unfold from a long day at work then picking up some fresh, 'ono poke & pakalolo and having a small smoke session with our amazing sunset as the backdrop? Can't get any better than that! We've teamed up with our friends over at Crooks & Castles for our second collaboration effort, with an offering of our Pakalolo & Poke snapback, Pakalolo & Poke tee (black and white) which will be available exclusively at FITTED, and the Tri Loc Airgun tee which will be made available exclusively at Crooks HI. We'd like to end this post with a special and respectful salute to Crooks family member Chris "Lewds" Natalio. Rest In Paradise!