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Releasing Saturday, August 24th. In-store, online and at these fine retailersAloha kākou!The last of our Summer 13 (Rainbow Country) delivery two is finally here! Rainbow Country is the theme for our entire Summer 13 line and encapsulates Hawaiian lifestyle, from the Mountain to the Ocean; from Sunrise to Sunset. The Endless Summers of Hawaiʻi, where the tents are always pitched, the coolers always stocked with beverages, board shorts and tanktops worn as everyday attire and roots reggae blaring from our speakers. Hawaiʻi Lifestyle. For delivery 2, we have ten caps to offer (Aloha Served Daily - Men's & Keiki, Rainbow Country, two Kamehamehas, Honolulu Rose, Chee Hu, Aloha digi-camo snapback and 5-panel and 'H' Pride). A perfect way to end...

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