Pull up a chair & have a seat. Pay close attention. Class is in session. Let’s briefly discuss the Hawaiian Renaissance (also known as the Hawaiian Cultural Renaissance) which was an reawakening or revival, if you will, of our contrasting Hawaiian cultural character and distinctiveness during the early ‘70s. Contemporary Hawaiian music artists such as Gabby “Pops” Pahinui (of Sons Of Hawaii fame) helped play an integral role in this cultural movement / resurgence. With this renaissance, there was a reasserted curiosity and interest in pidgin, Hawaiian language, Hula, Hawaiian studies & traditional Hawaiian arts. Before this enlightening cultural rejuvenation, there was the Merrie Monarch Festival (which they still run to this day) established by George Na’ope. The Merrie Monarch Festival helped resurrect the artistry, history, study and practice of archaic hula. Hit the jump for more (detailed) pics.

This plays an important role in leading to this Saturday’s release: Homegrown. The general definition of this is: “Raised or grown at home.” To us, the definition of Homegrown is much deeper than that. Homegrown is more than a sense of pride, it’s the way we carry ourselves, whether we’re at home or abroad. It’s the way we treat others (with the utmost respect, as we’ve been taught by our elders), the way we greet each other, the way we may seek out for a Spam Musubi somewhere as far off as Tennessee, knowing very well that we more than likely won’t find it. Homegrown to us is embracing our sports teams and hometown heroes, even if when they’re on the receiving end of negative press. That’s a brief glimpse into what Homegrown means to us, what’s your definition? Email us @ info@fittedhawaii.com with your definition.
On to the product, this pack features a men’s and women’s tee, plus a crazy Homegrown New Era. The men’s tee features artwork from Gabby Pahinui Hawaiian Band record, very vibrant colors printed on a white tee, with a colorful fill in the crest on the back. The women’s logo tee is printed on white and features FITTED written across the chest in green and pink, same colors running on the back crest. On to this incredible hat, which is a phenomenal piece of artistry. Featuring rib-stop nylon all over with an array of colors associated with our island’s state flower, the hibiscus (orange, white, green and yellow). The inside of the hat features bright green tri-locks with contrasted eyelets. The icing on the cake is that this is our official Homegrown hat, perfect to go along with any of our Homegrown series tees and our Homegrown hoodie. Don’t pass up on this exquisite pack, come down this Saturday (make sure to bring down canned goods, in return you’ll receive one raffle ticket). Rock this pack with pride. It’s not where you’re at, it’s where you’re from! Cheeee! For those who reside on the 9th island (Las Vegas / Nevada), there will be a limited amount of both the men's tee & HomeGrown New Era @ Laced. Shout out to the boys at Laced!
Available on Sat @ 11am.. If you plan on lining up we will ask that you please line up along the wall instead of the fence. Parking also has to be limited, as well as picking up your opala when your done. We appreciate your kokua in advance.
Aloha & Mahalo,