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Releasing Saturday, July 4th!The Sons Of Hawaii are a legendary traditional Hawaiian music band which was originally formed in 1960 under the direction of Eddie Kamae. The band consists of Eddie Kamae (ukelele), Gabby Pahinui (slack-key guitar), Joe Marshall (upright bass), David Rogers (steel guitarist) and Moe Keale (ukelele). In the late 1950s, many Hawaiian artists would hold jam sessions at luaus and parks including Charley's Cab which was at the time next to the Hawaiian Electric building, and is the same place where Eddie Kamae got his start. Their first performance was at the Sandbox near the industrial areas of Sand Island, and eventually their music "caught the hearts of all those who loved Hawaiian music." Hawaii, it's culture...

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Aloha.Pull up a chair & have a seat. Pay close attention. Class is in session. Let’s briefly discuss the Hawaiian Renaissance (also known as the Hawaiian Cultural Renaissance) which was an reawakening or revival, if you will, of our contrasting Hawaiian cultural character and distinctiveness during the early ‘70s. Contemporary Hawaiian music artists such as Gabby “Pops” Pahinui (of Sons Of Hawaii fame) helped play an integral role in this cultural movement / resurgence. With this renaissance, there was a reasserted curiosity and interest in pidgin, Hawaiian language, Hula, Hawaiian studies & traditional Hawaiian arts. Before this enlightening cultural rejuvenation, there was the Merrie Monarch Festival (which they still run to this day) established by George Na’ope. The Merrie Monarch...

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