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Releasing this Saturday, August 23rd, at FITTED (in-store and online) and Blue Hawaii Surf.Aloha kākou!Along with the Waiʻaleʻale Vans Era Pro releasing on Saturday, we will also be releasing a special Blue Hawaii Surf co-branded pullover hoodie and tee at the same time. The heather gray pullover hoodie features the Aloha script on the front filled with the Waiʻaleʻale pattern, outlined in white. The back features a small white crown with the Blue Hawaii Surf logo underneath. The white tee features the same front design, this time outlined in black, along with a black crown and Blue Hawaii Surf logo on the back.The FITTED + Blue Hawaii Surf Waiʻaleʻale Aloha hoodie and tee will release alongside the Vans Era Pro...

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Releasing Monday, Dec. 20thA few months after Hawai'i gained statehood in 1959, the politicians of our newly established nation compared our burgeoning city of Honolulu with other, well established major cities and grew a little self-conscious. Realizing the sentiments that our state was behind the curve of expansion and development sparked a fire to build up Honolulu and Waikiki, despite many citizen's opinions that the beauty of our island would vanish. New commercial remodeling brought a steady income of lucrative finances which helped stimulate our lacking economy. Shortly after WWII the United States was introduced to more "open skies" and saw an increase in Americans traveling abroad. With a dominating economy came larger commercial airlines which eventually led to cheaper...

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