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Releasing in-store, online, and at select stockists this Saturday, July 19th, 2014.Aloha kākou!We proudly present to you the final release of our Summer 2014 “Perception” Delivery 1 collection. With three new patterns (Maiʻa, Vanquish, and Kālā Pepa) as our foundation, we explore the perception of Hawaii from the outside looking in as well as the inside looking out.We'd like to send out a big MAHALO to everyone that supported our Summer 2014 Delivery 1 Collection, wether it be from our brick and mortar shop, our online shop, or one of our many great stockists. We will see you all soon for our Summer 2014 Delivery 2 Collection!MAIʻAA bright floral pattern that embodies the look of the classic aloha shirts found...

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Releasing tomorrow, Nov. 19thAloha kakou!Little late on the update here, but we digress. Straight to business (as usual): tomorrow we do have a release, a white tee dubbed Pacific Standard. There are two ways we can break this down: 1] Is that this represents the entire Pacific coast, and basically, what you see is what you get. Palm trees, beautiful women, prestigious beaches and surf, 'ono food combined from cultures from across the globe. Sure, your typical cliches which you will find from Hawai'i all the way East to the coastlines of California as well as our neighboring islands in the Pacific. Standard fare. 2] We believe that in our attempt to educate about, and preserve the Hawaiian culture we...

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